Children's SSI


The award of benefits is intended to provide financial assistance for families who cannot afford the treatment necessary for the disabled child.

But the standard for finding disability is stricter than for adults. Under their regulations, Social Security has created a “Listing of Impairments” for children which address fourteen (14) different broad medical condition categories. These categories then contain types of conditions that can exist within those categories. The child must have a condition that meets the very strict requirements in the Child’s Listing of Impairments, or their condition(s) must equivalent to those Listings. The determination of equivalency has its own set of criteria in the regulations that are also very strict.

The amount of the monthly benefit is determined based on income into the household from parents, the child and sometimes other family members. Also assets that the parents and child may have are considered. The levels for both income and assets are very strict, and some families do not qualify even where there is no dispute that the child meets the medical disability requirements. The current maximum monthly benefit is just under $700 per month. Benefits start the month the application was filed. There are no past owed benefits for any month prior to the application.

Medicaid coverage may also be proved.

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